Star Trek is about ... space ships... and space stations

Yes, its about characters, and yes its about stories and drama, and yes, its about offering parables to humanity... and i guess if you are the studio its about money.

But for me, at some point its about space ships!  And Space ships need space stations! 

I've been fortunate to obtain, yes, a few space stations.  Click a link to get the details...

Amargosa Station

- Also the DS9 Wormhole Relay Station


 Deep Space 9 - Protoype Model


 Deep Space 9

 Deep Space 9 - Weapons Upgrades


 Earth Station McKinley

There's a great Youtube video showing an intereview with DeForest Kelly that features this model and how it was filmed.  Check out at about 5:30 into the interview.

Deforest Kelley Interview

  Starfleet Drydock from The Motion Picture