Star Trek is about great characters... great stories... and space ships. 

Yes, its about characters, and yes its about stories and drama, and yes, its about offering parables to humanity... and i guess if you are the studio its about money.  That's most of the reason we watch any show or form of entertainment.

But may i point out the space ships??

These days space ships, as seen in the movies or on television, exist in a form designed and then rendered from computer software.  Star Trek Enterprise, for example, was 100% computer generated for its ships and related special effects.

But not too long ago, ships were models designed, built, mounted, and filmed in a studio... carefully built to be beautiful, if need be, distressed, if need be... whatever the show or movie demanded.  However, the models were often crated and ignored after use.

Here are my main ships.  Click a link to get some of the details...

 Bajoran Interceptor from Star Trek: The Next Generation and from Star Trek Deep Space 9
  Defiant "Nose" Section from Star Trek Deep Space 9


Enterprise D - Nacelle and Enterprise D - Hanger Bay from Star Trek The Next Generation
  Enterprise D - Decks Cut Out by the Borg from Star Trek the Next Generation
  Enterprise - Damaged Section from The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock, and The Undiscovered Country


 TMP Enterprise - nee Phase II 


 Jem Haddar  ship from Star Trek Deep Space 9