The Amargosa observatory was a scientific outpost of the orbiting the Amargosa sun.   This observatory was extensively seen in Star Trek Generations... both externally and internally when it was visited by the crew.  It was "destroyed" when the Amargosa sun itself exploded.  Here's what Amargosa looked like as viewed from the Enterprise main viewer in Generations...

The Amargosa model was later reused in Deep Space 9, as the "Wormhole Relay Station".  It modified (shortened, some extra detail added, and some extra detail taken away).   In Generations, for example, there is a clear "pointer" from the main antenna, in DS9 there is a shorter antennae with no pointer.

Here's a view of the Wormhole Relay station in action...both an actual Deep Space 9  LCARS and the screen shot:


When received, the model was over 15 years old and of course had been altered for Deep Space 9.  It was in good shape, but needed structural reinforcement., strenghening, rework and relighting.

The model, now relit:, on its base...and with its "pointer" !


There was a firefight on the station in Generations... can you see the damage?

Video version located here.