I have been a Star Trek fan since the original series was on television... 1966.  Starting in 2006, 1000 "lots" of Star Trek were auctioned by Paramount at Christie's in New York City.  I had the good fortune to attend the auction and win a number of pieces.... and was hooked.  I have continued to collect since then, mostly through the auctions on Ebay. 

Many folks focus their collections.  My interest is primarily the Star Trek space ships, space stations, and related models.  I have been lucky enough to obtain a few and they are (or will be) listed and documented on this site. 

Models are real world objects.  They are designed, built, carefully photographed, and made to look "beautiful" as of filming.  Then, as near as i can tell, they are thrown into a crate and generally trashed.   Well, not necessarily trashed, really they are stored, but its often pretty close.  As a result, the condition of models varies widely; some are "almost perfect", and some are a mess, literally in pieces. 

There are differing views about what to do with screen-used models.  Some argue they should be left as is, untouched.  Others argue they can be carefully restored to "how they looked".  There's no right and wrong, but a lot of discussion on either side.

So what to do?  It came down to a case-by-case decision.  For some models, I decided that there was no way to appropriately display them without refurbishing.   In other cases, just relighting the models is sufficient to make them appear to their screen-used condition.  Finally, some are just "as is".  The site will show a "before" and an "after" view when it helps or documents the differences.

The decision to refurbish is a difficult one.  There are many collectors who prefer pieces be "as is".  I have carefully considered the right thing to do, "for the model", depending on its specific condition and situation.

Enjoy!  Your feedback and thoughts are appreciated.  Last Updated June 2010. 

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